Group & Private Swim Lessons

Burkwood offers group, semi-private, and private lessons all year round for members and non-members.  

2019-20 Sept-May Group Lessons Information

SWIM SCHOOL SCHEDULE (Click on the information/registration form above for pricing and additional information)
Session 1:                 Sept 9 – Sept 27
Session 2:                 Oct 7 – 25
Session 3:                 Nov 4 – 22
Session 4:                 Dec 2 – 20
Session 5:                 Jan 6 – 24
Session 6:                 Jan 27 – Feb 14
Session 7:                 Feb 24 – Mar 13
Session 8:                 Mar 16 – Apr 3
Session 9:                 Apr 13 – May 1   
Session 10:               May 4 – May 22   
*Session 11:             May 26 – Jun 12*    *NO MONDAY CLASSES  

Burkwood's group swim lessons are designed to meet the needs of a variety of ability levels. First and foremost we want to teach children how to be comfortable in an aquatic environment, be safe in an aquatic environment, and develop a love for the water.  For those who are interested in pursuing participation in competitive swimming, the upper level classes focus on the development of all four of the competitive strokes.  Classes are held during the week with afternoon and evening options while school is in session, and morning and afternoon options in the summer. We maintain a student-teacher ratio of no more than 4:1 for the Level 1 and Level 2 beginner classes and no more than 6:1 for the more advanced Level 3-5 classes. 

Level One  Skills taught:  Being comfortable in the water.  Balance.  Rhythmic breathing.  Safety skills.  Kicking.
Level Two Skills taught:  Continue emphasizing Level One skills.  Add back swimming, freestyle kicking, breathing the side, diving, and more safety skills.
Level Three Skills taught: Continue emphasizing Level Two skills.  Add front crawl swimming, breaststroke kick and more safety skills.
Level Four Skills taught:  Continue emphasizing Level Two and Three skills.  Add breaststroke swimming  butterfly kick, and more safety skills
Level Five Skills taught:  Continue emphasizing Level Two-Four skills.  Add butterfly swimming, diving off the block and more safety skills. Once a student has graduated Level Five, they are eligible to participate in the Burkwood Swim Training Program.

Private Lesson Request Form 

With private and semi-private lessons, the instructor will focus on the specific needs of the swimmer and provide individualized instruction, usually leading to a faster learning process. Private lessons are suggested when the swimmer may not work well in a group environment, when their age and skill level is not a good fit for group lessons, or when the individual has one or two specific swimming skills that need to be taught. 

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